Peoples of the Salmon Bank

Peoples of the Salmon are building their own bank. They have an agreement with the Tribunal and Alliances across Kanat’an to move forward.

  • Digital Wallet.
  • Asset backed currency.
  • Purchase of a Banking Entity tied to our Communities. 
  • Potential for each community to manage and market its own Banking Program.
  • Operational on existing systems that are in development already. 
  • Transferable between platforms.

Invest in Precious Metals with Our Partner

New World Precious Metals is one of our investment partners. They provided many web conference meetings to inform members, some of the resources are below. Please contact them for updated information or to get started. 1-866-775-6629. Tell them we sent you!

New World Precious Metals offer 3 types of accounts:

Cash AccountFinanced AccountTransfer/Roll Over Account
Precious Metals Investment AccountFinanced Precious Metals AccountRegistered Account Transfer
Wholesale prices, 24/7 account access, buy and sell on a phone call, Easy and Safe.Maximize investment potential up to 3X. Use your own holdings as collateral.‘Roll over’ to precious metals. Transfer, penalty-free, your RRSP’s and other registered savings accounts into Gold and Silver.
Peoples of the Salmon may invest in a minimum $5,000 in Precious Metals.Peoples of the Salmon may invest in a minimum $5,000 in PM and NWPM may match that.Eligible: RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LIRA, LIF, RRIF; 401K & IRA’s in USA, Penalty free transfer to
NWPM also provides Storage and Retail Delivery! Fees apply.

In New World Precious Metals wholesale program you will pay about 5-8%, and with Registered Account program 15-20%. If you buy retail from the bank, expect 35% above global market price. If you buy from your local coin dealer, expect to pay over 25% above.

Peoples of the Salmon receives commissions on sales – so tell them we sent you! (If you are interested in working in PMI sales contact us.)

Steps to Invest with New World Precious Metals

Now that you have considered investing in physical precious metals here are some step-by-step instructions. First contact a broker in your area: 1-866-775-6629. Tell them Peoples of the Salmon referred you to direct PotS Commissions.

Before you begin, have ready:

  • Valid Gov ID (a photo of it to be uploaded into the system)
  • Your SIN

Step 1. Become a client of New World Precious Metals (NWPM): Open account. 

  • Visit click green ‘Open Investment Account’.
  • Fill out the short account application to become a client of New World Precious Metals. After page 1, it automatically links you to partner Precious Metals International (PMI); continue and open a Precious Metals Investment Account (takes 20 minutes). Reach out to your broker or 1866# for assistance.

Step 2. Fund your Account.

  • With a PMI Account number, you are ready to purchase your metals.
  • You can wire funds to NWPM from any bank, the fastest option. If you live near a TD branch, you can get a draft from your bank and deposit it directly to NWPM TD Business Account, cost effective but takes up to 5 business days. 
  • Wiring Instructions you can get from your broker or 1866#.
  • Email main office and cc your broker to inform them of the amount you have wired in cash (CAD/USD) deposited, to link your deposit to your PMI Account number.

Step 3. Buy Instructions.

  • Once funds reach your Precious Metal Account, it is time to purchase bullion. Send a short email SUBJECT: ‘Buy Instructions’ to your broker confirming what metal(s) you want to buy and if you are choosing the financed account option or not. If so, at what equity %? Contact broker directly at anytime with questions or for assistance during this process. Additionally please let them know what storage options you would like to consider.  

  • Leonardo Vasquez
  • Vice President International Sales
  • New World Precious Metals, Corp.
  • Toll Free 1-866-775-6629
  • email:

Financial History

A History of the Indian Trust Fund

The Indian Trust Fund is an account that holds all the moneys collected, received, or held by the Crown for the “use and benefit” of First Nations. There is significant confusion, mythology and a lack of clarity around this fund. This video provides a short history and explanation of how the fund came to be. This video was created as part of the Yellowhead Institute Cash Back Red Paper project. Picking up from Land Back, the first Red Paper by Yellowhead about the project of land reclamation, Cash Back looks at how the dispossession of Indigenous lands created a dependency on the state due to the loss of economic livelihood. Cash Back is about restitution from the perspective of stolen wealth.

Learn more Cash Back and the Indian Trust Fund:

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