What is Environment?

Environment may be defined as the sum total of all living and non-living elements and their effects that influence the quality of human life, including visible biotic and abiotic elements; animals, plants, forests, fisheries, birds, water, land, air, rocks and light… and invisible that have destructive impacts on human nature, animal life, ecosystems and sources of sustenance; radio frequencies, alien technology, poisonous gases and liquids, chemical concoctions, fossil fuels and technological energetic forces that alter vibratory frequencies and consciousness. Our world has become toxic with environmental contaminants, chemical inhalants, pollutants, smog and chemical poisons in our food, water and air! The state of our world today is headed for devastation, if humanity continues on this slippery slope to H—!!

Peoples of the Salmon Take Responsibility Seriously!

All Creator’s children have the responsibility to maintain the Earth that sustains us, to live in peace and harmony with nature and all its life forms. This is where the Peoples of the Salmon take seriously their ancestral role in governance over the land of Kanatan, as the keepers and caretakers of the land, to ensure all peoples are provided with needed sustenance.

According to Northwest Native Indian legend, the salmon were actually people with superhuman abilities and eternal lives. The Peoples of the Salmon were responsible to provide sustenance to all peoples on Turtle Island.

Adopting sustainable practices, large and small, has the potential to immensely impact on the Earth’s environment, society, and the world economy. Our goal is to create a sustainable world, where every human has access to basic resources, develop sustainable practices, use resources at a manageable rate, and maintain our economic development in the process.

There are several areas where the Peoples of the Salmon encourage and invest their energy in practices to rebuild and restore Heaven on Earth as it was intended:

  • Waste reduction
  • Green clean Sustainable free Off-grid energy
  • Clean Water and Air quality
  • Mining clean sustainable
  • Salmon enhancement throughout the Peoples of the Salmon – 110% rehabilitation
  • Reforestation and protection of old growth forest
  • Cease clear cut forestry and spraying of pesticides and glyphosates. 109 of the Constitution 1982 U.K. states subject to any TRUST therein. The Court has said all trees are ‘Indian’ Trees.
  • Green Community based Business development
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