Ancient Wisdom and Holistic Enlightened Approach to Learning

Before Residential Schools, Original Peoples’ education passed values, beliefs, customs, lifestyle, and the accumulated knowledge and skills of the peoples, from generation to generation. It also prepared individuals to take on specific tasks and roles within the family and community.

The traditional education was family- and community-based.

Education responded to the practical demands of day to day living within a defined traditional territory, while remaining grounded firmly in the Peoples’ sense of spirituality. Although there was some specialization of instruction by specific individuals, the task of education was undertaken by many people. Parents, elders, and the extended family all contributed their knowledge and wisdom.

In traditional North American aboriginal societies, stories and examples taught children about the languages and values of their people. They also illustrated the practical skills needed for daily living, such as fishing and hunting.

Parents and other family members were the models of adult behaviour. Children would observe and mimic what they saw. In addition, elders shared stories to instruct the youth, or to warn them against harmful actions. This infused their emerging language with layers of meaning and references drawn from their history and experience.

Their ‘speak’ (language) was the connective tissue between past and present, between experience and meaning. These life lessons therefore allowed children to find ways to interact with their environment and to develop intellectually, morally, and spiritually. It was a system well suited to the autochthonous lifestyle — one that has worked for many generations.

The Peoples of the Salmon will restore these traditions and learning styles into their communities while building holistic education platforms founded on consciousness, creativity and imagination.

A key focus is on the environment, our interdependence with all life forms, and the dire need for humanity to maintain the Earth that sustains us.

Schools and Online Education

Peoples of the Salmon will establish Green sustainable schools throughout Kanat’an. Moreover, connective online learning platforms will reach across the country, allowing those who are unable to attend the traditional classrooms to receive creative instruction from experienced mentors. For instance, mentors can provide students with guidance on how to explore their own environment.

Children embark on their journey of life prompted by the heart with a sense of curiosity and wonder to light the way. They possess an unending thirst for knowledge while on a path that is infinite in its possibilities.

The purpose of an education is to discover who and what we are as conscious beings and the role we have been designed to fulfill in the world.

PEACE School

Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment, aka PEACE School is a holistic charitable, non-profit education platform founded on consciousness, creativity and imagination… born of a childhood vision for an ideal learning experience, where students engage their imagination to explore their world creatively, are recognized for their individual gifts and talents, and encouraged to develop to their fullest potentiality, as they discover the ‘magic’ of life.

A key focus of PEACE is on the environment, our interdependence with nature and all its life forms, and the dire need for humanity to maintain the Earth that sustains us.

PEACE Mission

  • Create a safe, aesthetically pleasing and inspiring environment conducive to learning.
  • Provide students a Personal Education Plan (PEP), the guidance and tools to develop at their own rate, and assessed based on their own potential.
  • Build a thriving student body from individuals in classrooms around the globe, which in turn conveys the depth and breadth of the PEACE vision to an ever expanding community.
  • Attract a highly aware and trained faculty committed to the mandate of the Academy, to welcome them into a highly stimulating work environment and community.
  • Cultivate, implement and continually enhance the PEACE curriculum.

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Mentors/Guides Teachers Council

PEACE School is currently developing engaging online Mentor Training and learning platforms to extend its reach internationally. The PEACE Mentor Training program is designed to ‘un-school’ the Teacher from the old fractured educational system and re-enchant participants with a new paradigm perspective of discovery, as a Facilitator, Mentor and/or Guide. Throughout the program ‘Mentors/Guides’ will experience what it is to be a student at PEACE School. You will have opportunity to perceive from your inner child, to learn creatively, as an experiential journey founded on wonder, imagination, inspiration and inquiry.

Shishalh Capital Budget (Sechelt)    

  •  Teachers/Council
  •  Children/Youth/Adults
  •  Train/Trades

Training Centres: Mentor/Apprenticeship Training/Trades

  • Language
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Research
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