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  • Update: Peoples Operation Restoration
    Our Republic was stolen from us in 1871. We have an illusion Of Freedom. An illusion of a voting system, an illusion of a legal system and an illusion of a government. [This is about all of us, not just… Continue reading ⇒
  • Mortgage Bank Fraud
    Truth About Mortgages also found here Wake up to the fraud. Then learn the system in the way it is meant to be used. Not as victim, but as the Principal. First let’s take a look at all parties… Continue reading ⇒
  • The Peoples Operation Restoration
    Maricopa County Update and Recap of Actual Events. Yes we can do this in Canada! Our Powell River Freedom Fighters held events, served over 1300 Evidence Packs / Notices linking to 16GB of downloadable data (videos, doctor and nurse accounts,… Continue reading ⇒
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