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Latest News

  • Proof of Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples, Part 1
    Proof of Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples, DRIPA*, First Law of the Land There is no district of Sechelt Lands under Title therefore there cannot ever be a Bill of Sale. This is based on Popois v. Regina of December 14,… Continue reading ⇒
  • Annual Conference
    In reference to the following motion that was moved by P.G. and 2nded by I.M. during the De Jure Governance zoom meeting on January 7 2024. Goal: To mandate task committee(s) for the following. miigwetch/ekosi P.G.
  • Hayriver Stronghold
    Hay River Stronghold continues… written by Lorena. Watch Eagle Vision News on ODYSEE for the latest. Scroll down on the homepage for links. Government over-reach in Hay River continues as mainstream media cohorts with corporation of Canada (Government). Broadcasting grim… Continue reading ⇒
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