Unsolicited Initiative Proposals


PotS welcomes initiatives for the benefit of members and/or all Peoples across Kanatan in general. Initiatives must be presented in writing, following the template provided at the bottom of this page as a guideline, and aligned with the values and principles of Peoples of the Salmon:

  • Supports Sovereignty and independence 
  • Empowers PotS, Alliance and Affliates towards Sovran structures.
  • Seeks to improve an identified need of PotS, Alliances and all Affiliate Sovrans across Kanatan.
  • Enables mutual agreement in the decision making process with PotS Affiliates.
  • Represents an ethical approach.
  • Respects the integrity of air, land, water and all life forms. 
  • Aligns with the principles of Natural Law. 
  • Represents a sustainable living resource. 


  1. The template is provided as a reference only. Not all sections will be relevant for your organization and you may need to modify it substantially for it to respond to your needs.
  2. Write simply and concisely. Consider using bullets instead of paragraphs.
  3. Avoid repetition.
  4. Your business plan is not a static document. You will be entering your Project into the online Directory, and yourself as a Participant. Review your listings regularly and update to reflect changing conditions, ongoing.

Thank you for your sharing of your knowledge and desire to be of service. Proposals will be reviewed by the Tribunal, Headsmen and select Wolverines. 

Please give volunteers two weeks to receive your proposal by email at info@peoplesofthesalmon.org. Please state “Proposal” in the Subject line of your email. Feedback is delivered within two to four weeks. A Project Clerk will be following up with the Tribunal and Applicants to ensure feedback and implementation of the proposal.

To view and use the PotS Project Proposal Summary Template as a guideline for your project submission, download it here (microsoft word doc):

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