What is the Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) 25-year plan?

This is the plan for building our communities and systems within our de jure governance, which is outside of the corporate, de facto Corporation of Canada. This plan is also based on the history of the Original People. We are rebuilding from the foundation of how they have lived in harmony with nature on “Kanat’an” (Sacred Lands), for thousands of years.

The following list encompasses the 25-year plan, which will advance towards the next 100 years, for the benefit of future generations of our children. This plan was created with the guidance of Headsman Maathlaatlaa. The following will help us gain more knowledge on this beautiful plan, as told to us by our Headsman Popois.

Saa Saa Geithl
  1. The Si Si Giuelth is the hub of that plan.

    It embodies all aspects of our future de jure governance within our Cycle of Life, that will develop and advance to include the governance program for finance and resources. This 25-year plan will lay the foundation upon which to broaden our horizon and perspective as we advance towards a harmonious and abundant future for one and all. All new PotS members are welcome to bring their contribution to build strong communities. The concepts below explain in part the Si Si Giuelth development of our new communities within common law.

  2. Building a resource-backed bank for We the People

    The Peoples of the Salmon are authorized to walk forward to create our own bank for the peoples of Kanat’an. Once it is fully established, we are responsible to take care of all those who engage in our communities, outside of the corporations. With this, the power is back in our hands to provide the funding and resources to rebuild and grow. The Corporation’s focus is only on your money. With the new PotS reserves in place, a new structure of abundance will support the creation of a “New Earth”.

    The four turn-key buildings are an example of our vision, such as those at Kingsway and Joyce in Vancouver. Once under our new financial structure, accounts will be established to support humanity’s progress and prosperity.

    We have come far and despite all the trials and tribulations, we are strong and ready to advance with the support of the Prime Creator. Each and every one of us has a lifetime dowry equivalent to $7.5 million CAD, based on our corporate Birth Certificates, of which the current Rothschild banking system has been using to borrow and lend against. This will be returned to the people.

  3. Rights and Title to the land

    Do we have absolute jurisdiction over corporations on our land?

    Yes, from the history of the Original People and keepers of the land, we have sole possession of the land and resources that were usurped by the Crown, first Rupert’s Land by King Charles II in 1670, then Queen Victoria in 1867, both without communication or ratification with the Peoples of Kanat’an. We have paid taxes on the land and resources that have always been ours, to the Corporation of Canada that is registered under the Crown in Washington DC, on Pennsylvania Avenue. The Crown Corporation must restore the land rights back to the Peoples of Kanat’an, and pay for the harvesting of our resources.

    Section 35. (1) of the Constitution Act states: “The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed… Aboriginal rights have been interpreted to include a range of cultural, social, political, and economic rights including the right to land, as well as to fish, to hunt, to practice one’s own culture, and to establish treaties. All Indigenous rights are hereby confirmed.”

    “We must stand up for ourselves. The power of Love is the Spirit within our heart that guides us to every good and perfect gift from the Prime Creator. We are Baaqwaanum, (man, woman) living flesh, blood and bone. The Corporation is of the heartless soul, or dark shadow of death that cannot tolerate the living. We need to do these things to show the Light that we are.”

  4. The Original Peoples are the keepers of Turtle Island, here to maintain the land that sustains us

    The Corporation has no regard for the Creator’s good and perfect gifts. For example, the most valuable resources are water, for without it there is no life. Corporation Hydro has dammed our rivers to create energy/power that was once free, and sell it back to the people at a huge profit to themselves. Oil companies have polluted our lakes, rivers, waterways on our lands, as in the Athabasca Tar Sands, killing not only vegetation, wildlife and food sources, but also causing cancer among the peoples.

    “Ancient ones in chimotsa [T’imot’a], Kitlope, Kitimat/Kitamaat – dam power station, in our homeland People of the Rock – water coming down from the testada, then the neighbour came on the other side of the mountain. They said “go move to Kitimat”, but the grandfathers said “no, this is our homeland”.

    This was not written down, but the Grandfather was told either accept it or we will come kill you. The RCMP speaks on behalf of the Corporations of British Columbia and Canada.

    In BC, every fish resource on the North Shore, [fish canning] to Gore Ave in Tammy Jas (Vancouver), those rights belong to us. If they are held by the local People of the Salmon, then we hold the rights to fish and to fresh crab.”                   

  5. Our Tribunal of 10 Original People from all over BC is where the knowledge lies.

    The Tribunal must also approve all major Peoples of the Salmon decisions, which affect us all in our de jure governance. Our Headsman is the speaker for the Tribunal, as well as the members. He also writes the many orders, letters and instruments which the Peoples of the Salmon have presented to the Corporation. You have to write an Affidavit of Sovereign Status for yourself. We must remember it has to be on paper, for without the presented document, the Corporation, along with every judge and CEO, will say they see nothing and don’t know what you are talking about. That is their mandate.

    What we are doing, who we are and where we want to be must be strong within us. We no longer stand in fear, which has been their greatest weapon. We must unite and stand together. We all must look at the things that need to be and share them. How we feel and walk together here, is how well we will walk out in the world.

    The Sunshine Coast’s Wolverines will set up their own community. Each assembly (community) may have its own identity and its own economy, with access to its own assets (resources and property) for their people and decide together what they want to do with it… as opposed to a Tribunal Council that makes decisions for everyone.

  6. The culture and heritage of the Original People must be nourished and lived.

    This includes our Elders who look after the children, coming of age ceremony, holding a Potlatch, food ceremony, custom traditions, Original People art, aquaculture, storytelling festivals, pole carving, learning to use tools, and sports, healthy sustenance, education, learning the language. The families will do the singing and honours will be carried out. The children will see that it is about being children. There is a ceremony for our children, as many children as we can reach, to guide them; here is where we are and this is where we are going.

    We need to find people from Cultural Centres here, who are willing to look after our progressive interests. We will need more to look after Vancouver Island as well.

    We plan on creating a Hall of Records, where we will publish a book on the Peoples of the Salmon documents. This book will contain the historical documents that have been presented in a timely manner, and which have helped us get to where we are today. These are instruments that enable us to put the puzzle pieces together, of how we have come this far, where we are going, and answer many of their questions and explain their purpose, how they work and their purpose. A lawyer checked my work twelve years ago. When I started to write these documents, I was prepared not to write in lawyer’s and legal phrases, but in layman’s terms, so that everyone can understand these documents.

  7. Food sovereignty and food security are also incredibly important as we build our new communities.

    We need to add value to pink salmon. Those little pinks are worth billions to all the major fish companies. That’s where they make their money. When they catch them by the ton, they look like a blood red jello. The salmon eggs paid for our fuel.

    We must create our own fertilizer, fish food, dog food. We must store our own seeds, grow our own fruits and vegetables in our own greenhouses and our own farms, so we may become completely self-sufficient. That is key.


“We must not forget that we are Baaqwaanum – living men and women of flesh, blood and bone. We must be pure at all times.

Ask yourself: why am I walking with the Peoples of the Salmon?

Because I love myself, I love my children, and I love the people who want to help my grandchildren, that I am never going to meet.

Nuguatee – I am • nugua – I am

It has to be there, your spirit will feel it and you will start living, as it is intended to be, since Creation.”

Headsman Maathlaatlaa
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