Bonnie Henry, Guilty!

Grand Jury Declare Bonnie Henry Guilty of Nuremberg Code Violations

Vancouver, BC, December 17, 2021 – On December 12, Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Grand Jury, of 60 Common de Jure Lawful beings, declared Bonnie Henry “Guilty of Nuremberg Code Violations.” The PotS stand as warriors fighting for the lives and freedom of All Canadians since July 21, 2021, when Headsman Popois served PM Justin Trudeau, Dr Teresa Tam, Patty Hajdu and DND’s Harjitt Sajjan a Presentment Notice to Cease and Desist. The Government of the Corporation of Canada (registered at Canadian Embassy at 501 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC) was and still is prorogued indefinitely.

This Order “is based on mandatory vaccination dictate measures that are: (i) Not Scientifically, nor medically, based nor proven to be effective whatsoever. (ii) Pose physical and psychological harm; and that wide sweeping and involuntary vaccination mandate measures violate s.7 (life, liberty, and security of person), s8. (Unlawful search and seizure), and further, be not in accordance, nor justifiable in a free and democratic society.” (attached).

The PotS are the historic governors of the Original Peoples of Kanata for over 12,000 years, and are the current Governors, acting to restore Sovereignty, Truth and Justice for ‘We the People’, based on deep-rooted historic deception that dates back to the unratified ‘Indian Act’, ‘1867 Constitution of Canada’(2) and ‘Rupert’s Land’(3) theft by the ‘Crown!’ These acts of deception have grown and spread like a virus globally, in what is now termed a Pandemic, in an effort to control and depopulate the entire world by 90%!(4)

On November 16, two courageous doctors, Mel Bruchet and Daniel Nagase drew attention to a revelatory report of 13 stillborn deaths, to fully vaccinated mothers, occurring in a single 24-hour period within BC Hospitals. The doctors launched an official complaint with the RCMP against Dr Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix and executives at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, alleging conflicts of interest influencing their policies, decisions and statements made to the people of British Columbia. They have also filed Notices of Liability with a number of injection sites in the Vancouver Area (NOL attached).

The risk of miscarriage for woman injected with the “experimental bioweapon” (coined by Judy Mikovits and mRNA inventor Dr Robert Malone) prior to 20 weeks’ gestation is eight times higher than the original study, with a cumulative incidence ranging from 82% to 91% risk according to CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reports. There has been a total of 946,463 reports of adverse events from all age groups from “CoVID-19 vaccines”, including 19,886 deaths and 150,946 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 3, 2021. VAERS admits that these reports (attached) represent only 1% of all actual events. (VAERS article)

Dr. Nagase stated, “I have suspicions that the policies being enacted upon the citizens of B.C. are motivated not in the interests of public health, but are rather motivated by financial interests. We need to ask the RCMP to conduct an investigation, a forensic investigation into discovering whether or not there are conflicts of interest affecting our Health Minister, causing her to institute policies that are harmful to British Columbians,” Pfizer has funded billions to governments, media and health care practitioners for decades, to ensure support for the Trillions they receive from the imposition of their addictive chemical drugs and vaccines, of which they have no liability since the 1986 Act!

On December 8, on the orders of Lyons Gate Hospital, Psychiatrist Dr. Paul Lim to “not use handcuffs,” 3 RCMP cars pulled up to the home of 81-year-old, Dr. Mel Bruchet, and Constable Nordino used excessive force without cause, handcuffed and arrested the doctor based on ambiguous charges filed by his tenant, following a noise complaint the Dr had filed with RCMP against the tenant the previous week. Dr Bruchet was placed and held against his will in Lyon’s Gate psychiatric ward. Dr. Daniel Nagase, who was present at the time of the complaint and arrest, phoned the RCMP to provide a statement of fact of all that transpired. However, Constable Pederson refused to take the statement and did not respond to any of Dr Nagase’s voice messages. On December 9, Headsman of the Peoples of the Salmon, Popois visited the North Vancouver RCMP station on 14th Street, to file a “gross abuse of power” charges against the RCMP. In addition, he visited the Hospital with a Power of Attorney for the release of Dr Bruchet and was denied. Bruchet was forced to take an anti-psychotic drug Loxapine either by mouth or injection, which fogs the brain and has a severe Warning of a risk of death to seniors – Loxapine Side Effects. Dr Nagase reports on the abusive maltreatment of Dr Bruchet with Sherry Strong of Children’s Health Defense and Laura Lynn Thompson.

Why are “they” trying to silence this courageous clearly cognizant, doctor who is fighting for the lives of our children and humanity? These are tactics and measures employed in WWII by Nazis, and are presently rampant and spreading throughout our government and media propaganda, which is globally controlled and funded by Pfizer.

The PotS have called upon Practitioners to assemble and correlate a new Board of Trustees, who will create functional systems of wellness built on integrity and transparency, which certify and record all allied Healers, in the name of the PotS. Practitioners in good standing, allied with the purposes of the PotS, will be issued sovereign grants of franchise to continue practice, to perfect their art for a righteous purpose and wellbeing of the People. The PotS welcome open dialogue and conversation in the creation of this new model. All interested in this union may email with their name, profession and contact information.

The Headsman for the PotS, Popois invites ALL Canadians to join the fight against this world tyranny and certain death. He stated, “We all need to walk off this ‘corporate ship of [ad]miralty’, and claim back our security of our PERSON, which was stolen from us with the birth certificate. When you join the Peoples of the Salmon, we will make sure that you are the secured party of your property, no longer a fetus on a mother-ship. You then reclaim your Sovereign Spirit. When we walk in unity, we will take us all out of the corporation… We all have a common goal to be free, to be sovereign, with our Common Law de jure government.”

A declaration/petition was created by the PotS to present a vote of non-confidence in the Canadian government, and end the tyranny imposed on all who desire truth, a fruitful life and peace on Earth. The declaration may be signed here.

For more information, contact us.

1. Words with [brackets] in Common Law alters the word from a negative to a positive
2. How Canada is not a country and Canada is a Corporation.
3. Canada is a Corporation
4. 1974 Kissinger Report

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