Annual Conference

In reference to the following motion that was moved by P.G. and 2nded by I.M. during the De Jure Governance zoom meeting on January 7 2024.

Goal: To mandate task committee(s) for the following.

  1. To create an annual conference to address and promote our movement
    • Turtle Island Sovereign Governance
    • Alliance of Kanat’an
  2. With a focus to recruit and support
    • Grass roots freedom and intentional self-sustaining communities
    • Youth and young adults
  3. Requirements to start with: Recruit a Conference Team to
    • coordinate, plan, hash out budget
    • fundraise
    • market, media
  4. Production breakdown to start
    • Technology
    • Content, message
    • Venue rotates in a new location each year, to start in WINNIPEG



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