Register as a SovranRegister as Healer
You will play a critical role in influencing, contributing and supporting the building of sovereign sustainable communities that operate under Common de jure Law, which reflect Unity in diversity across Kanat’an “Sacred Land”.

You are joining the Sovran Ha’aSaa Health Care team by registering as a health care provider (nurse, doctor, health care worker, naturopath, homeopath, therapist, etc.)

Consider helping the Ha’aSaa Adverse Events Program by providing naturopathic and psycho-social healing solutions.
All members and interested folks may attend Sunday Public Meetings onsite at a Longhouse or event, or remotely using Zoom.

Work on being adopted as a Wolverine Clan member and acquire your Instruments:

– Exemption Pass – no charge
– Sovran ID Card $25
– Sovran Affidavit of Status $75
– Kanat’an Sovran World Passport in accord
with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
(Terms: $200/3year, $225/5year, $250/10year, or $625/15year.)

And find or develop a Wolverine Pod in your area.
Pay $5 a monthPay $25 a month
Or you can pay one annual lump sum.
Pay $50 a yearPay $250 a year
A one-time $50 admin fee is added to your first payment.

Or donate to support Peoples of the Salmon.

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