Actions to the Corporation

Seven notices sent to the Queen & the Corporation of Canada – in March 2022

  1. Appointment & Exequatur: 20220322
  2. CATSA Claims Management (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)
  3. Summary Judgement – Certificate of Non Response
    • Governor General
    • The Bank of Canada
  4. Dishonoured Presentment by Canada – Certificate of Non-Response to Future Protest
    • House of Commons
    • Governor General
    • Province of BRITISH COLUMBIA, Premier John Horgan
  5. Response to an Act of War
  6. Tribunal Directive
    Traditional Knowledge, Custom and Tradition, Independence and Sovereignty, Canadian constitution 1982, U.K. Section 35(1)
    • The Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada
    • Hon. David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
    • Governor General Her Excellency Mary Simon and her Majesty the Queen UK
    • Prime Minister and Ministers of Indian Relations and Reconciliation
    • Brigadier-General Simon Trudeau
    • General Wayne Eyre
    • Provost Marshal
    • Lieutenant (Navy) Bernie Dionne Public Affairs Officer
    • Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
    • Canadian Forces Military Police Group
  7. Exemption Pass – Dishonoured Presentment, Certificate of Non-Response
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