Taqwanus Cawthla ~ “Wolverine Clan Walk”

Many have heard a spiritual calling to walk away from the corrupt destructive system that has deceived us and come back home in spirit, working together with all peoples to create a selfless, harmonious and sustainable future for all generations to come.

“Spirit” in ancient language means “connection to us”. Without knowing, we have lost our connection to spirit due to gradual displacement through measures of substitution intended for our alignment with the structure and order of… In-CORP-OR-AT-I-ON.

What is the Wolverine Clan?

Original peoples of these lands once had a Wolverine Clan, but they were wiped out through colonization and “assimilation” policies. We are living in a time prophesied by many different cultures and must all work together to return to the path of love and light, creating a world where our children’s children can live a healthy happy life. Peoples of the Salmon, as Original Peoples of these lands, have brought the Wolverine Clan back, as a way to be inclusive of all who are not originals of these lands. Through adoption into our Clan, we can all walk on these lands, sharing the abundance gifted by Creator.

After attending at least four meetings, you can be part of a ceremony where you walk off the Ship of Commerce, leaving the world of corporation and legal fiction behind.

Steps to becoming a Wolverine

Step 1 – Read Taqwanus Cawthla (Wolverine Clan Walk)

Step 2 – Attend four de Jure Government Sunday meetings and learn who and what we are

Step 3 – Complete the Self-Introduction/Self-Reflection and one-on-one meetings with Wolverine mentor, prior to walking off the ship

Step 4 – Walk off the ship of commerce in your 4th meeting, join with a Wolverine Pod, and pair off with a Wolverine Mentor

Step 5 – Attend Wolverine meetings and become involved with us

Our Tribunal consists of ten Original Peoples who reside in Kanat’an

Popois is the Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Headsman

Hemajolas is the Wolverine Clan Headsman

Maathlaatlaa is our Grandfather

The Clans of Original Peoples are represented by birds and animals within three elements: water, land and air. Turtle, eel and beaver, for example, represent water element; bear, wolf and deer represent land element; snipe, hawk, and heron represent air element.

We are building our new communities, honouring our Ancient Ones and the traditions of the Original Peoples. We are implementing our self-governing ways of life, which have always been with us. Join us in creating all this in our Si Si Giuelth (Cycle of Life)!

Wolverine Clan Instruments for Members

As an affiliate you can acquire the following PDF files to gain knowledge on how to become adopted into our Wolverine Clan.

PotS Legal Public Notice
As a Wolverine, and a PotS member, this instrument is your Sovereign “identification” to the Corporation of Canada. Once you complete this with your photo, your member number and your name – you are then carrying with your proof that you have stepped out of the jurisdiction of the Corporation – and you are now living flesh, blood and bone woman or man living within Natural Law! You can buy it in the shop.

Taqwanus Cawthla (Wolverine Clan Walk)
*includes Glossary of our Speak

*complete this once you become a Wolverine and upload it to the Hub.

PotS Sunday Wolverine Ceremony

PotS Sunday Meeting Protocols

*Please share our promotional flyers with like-minded people you know.