We are…

…the Alliance of the Original Peoples here to govern the Peoples, as we did in past centuries, to act on behalf of the Prime Creator to restore Peace and Harmony across the Sacred Lands, also known as Kanat’an. At the same time, we are developing cooperative thriving communities of all who are awakened and prepared to Love and live as One… Unity in Diversity.

Peoples of the Salmon - logo by Bradley Hunt

Our Vision

Peoples of the Salmon live in harmony with all our Mothers’ Mother Creations, bringing families together, sharing light, love, peace, harmony on the Creator’s Path of Kindness.

Peoples of the Salmon invite / include all ‘first nations / indigenous / Indian / native / aboriginal’ original people by several English / legal terms that deny our original living flesh blood and bone. People of other nations, colours, creed and cultures are also welcome to be adopted by the Peoples of the Salmon. In other words, we invite all to join the Sovereign ‘corporate / legal political system’ for living a freer, responsible, respectful way of life, with each other and the land.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to stand in peace and prosperity for all. In contrast, for hundreds of years the present ‘corporate / legal / religious / political systems’ have directed the development of much of the world in a way that has benefited many, yet disadvantaged and harmed multitudes more in the process.

Our way is one of peace, love, brotherhood and mutual prosperity for all, rather than a self-select few. We wish to and have re-claimed our self-governance, self-responsibility, and Sovereignty from the ‘corporate / legal / religious / political system’ to establish respectful, responsible, integrated, honourable communities.

The Significance of Salmon

Wy-kan-ush (salmon) has the power to unite people. Certainly, salmon connect and enrich the communities they come in contact with, all over the world.

Two headed eagle

The Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) are the Original Peoples of the land known as Kanat’an (Sacred Land). For over 12,000 years they were responsible for populating the waterways with salmon to provide sustenance for all the people of the land. PotS, as original land title holders, care and protect Turtle Island, the homeland of Kanat’an. Therefore, our responsibility today is to restore immunity from tyranny and corruption of the de facto government of the CORPORATION OF CANADA. PotS invites all Canadians to join and reclaim their Sovereign, Human Rights and Freedoms.

The Peoples of the Salmon are also all the people who you know on the West Coast of Kanat’an, known today as British Columbia. As Keepers of the ‘Sacred Land’, we are here to create awareness and set right the things that must be known. For example, the Corporation of Canada has usurped our basic Sovereign human rights and freedoms. Our vision, however, is to walk in a good loving way with all people of the land. We will include all who desire to unite with us, so that we may all walk forward into a brighter, prosperous future. Unite in our freedom movement!

Organization Structure


Clan Mother is the daughter of the Great Spirit and is the Head of the Tribe. The Matriarchs are Spiritual and Cultural, and have a deep connection to The Creator. Consequently the Tribunal take direction from the Matriarchs monthly.

Tribunal Headsman

Peoples of the Salmon organizational structure has a group of Headsman. They exchange knowledge in areas of disciplines such as legal, cultural, business, healing, banking and food sovereignty. This group is called the Tribunal, who make decisions for the community. The community is organised around the Si Si Giuelth structure.

That is to say, Peoples of the Salmon make strategic decisions at the Tribunal level. The organization does not have one person with the power to authorize any type of business activity. Rather, the Tribunal relies on advice or recommendations from functional specialists, within Peoples of the Salmon, when making decisions. Members of the Tribunal are located across Kanat’an (Sacred Land).

The Tribunal members are:

Popois – Headsman

A Hereditary Headsman, is sovereign and an allodial title holder of Kanat’an, whose secured party is under the Uniform Commercial Code. His ancestry is Shishalh (Coast Salish People). Popois is an entrepreneur who has owned construction companies and is a commercial fisherman. In addition, he has completed his Business Administration degree from the Vancouver Community College and Negotiating Skills (focus on Conflict resolution) at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Maathlaatlaa – Headsman

A Hereditary Headsman is the Sovereign Ha’aSaa (Healer) for the Peoples of the Salmon. He is Taatawsuums Baaqvaanum (People of the Rock). He has performed Ha’aSaa services at healing centres in British Columbia. Maathlaatlaa influences Peoples of the Salmon culture throughout the affiliates. His passion is demonstrated by sharing the cultural knowledge to Wolverine Clan.

Giltimi – Headsman

A member of the Haisla tribe in Kitimat, he is a Spiritual Advisor to Peoples of the Salmon. He is also experienced in legal aspects of Indian (Original Peoples) Rights in Kanatan.

Hemajolas – Headsman

A Hereditary Headsman who is an Artist/Carver creating totems poles, halibut trays, plaques and wood bowls for 50 years. As a result, he brings cultural knowledge and wisdom from the People of the Rock, Eagle Clan to Wolverine Clan.

Gordon Bear – Headsman

A Hereditary Headsman who is an ancient lineage medicine man, of the Kaanikwii tribe. Gordon is also well versed in International Law (Law of Nations).


He brings the lawful direction to the Tribunal using the Law of the Creator and Land. Tapeet is experienced in working through the Superior Court System and standing up for the Peoples of the Land.

Alliances Across Kanat’an

Peoples of the Salmon have alliances with the following nations across the land of Kanat’an:

  • Asmin Nation – Chief Wabiska Mukwa
  • Kinawkii Nation – Chief Alan Baldwyn
  • Naa Naakila – Chief JD Anderson, Tribunal Council Member and Speaker, Alliance with Rupert’s land and is the Queen’s representative.
  • Includes more, stay tuned.

Meet Popois —
Headsman for Peoples of the Salmon

(/'siːʃɛlt/, shíshálh speak - chat'lich[3])

Who is Popois (David Jeffries)

I am of the Sechelt Peoples … ‘Popois’ has been put on me by my Grandmother. Popois was her little brother, well liked in the community, who died in a logging accident. I am worthy of this name.

I come from a business background in conflict resolution, with a negotiating background from the Justice Institute, and a professional Fisher of most fishing practises; seining, gillnetting, longline, trap and trawl.

Since I grew up travelling this coast, I became familiar with all the problems of our Peoples. As I have learned from Steemas, known as Van Gale Dumont, of the fraudulent colour of the law and fictional court system, we have made some inroads to changing our status from the Fiction to Sovereign. Now that we have our First Law of the Land in place, Natural law or the Common-law, our Tribunal, made up from the various nations, are taking the lead in making the De Jure law the new Law of the Country… the Alliance of Kanat’an meaning ‘Sacred Land’.

Since I am an Elder and over the age of majority, our following runs across this nation. As it is necessary to have money and a security force to protect this sovereignty, both are being considered. A new Sheriff is being appointed, as well as a new digital and physical bank. All are currently being discussed.

I come from a family of seven, raised in the city, played competitive sports, fished and hunted. All these have brought connection to all walks of life. I enjoy a good discussion on all Universal concepts and ideas.

With Gratitude, Popois

Interview with Popois

Meet Maathlaatlaa —
Grandfather for Peoples of the Salmon

Maathlaatla of the People of the Rock, Eagle Clan

“We live in harmony with all our Mothers’ Mother Creations, bringing families together, sharing light, love, peace, harmony on the Creator’s Path of Kindness.”

Watch Eagle Vision on Odysee. Visit Bitchute for PotS videos.

The meaning of our crest

Peoples of the Salmon logo "Unity" by Bradley Hunt of the Heiltsuk Nation
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Our beautiful new crest was created by artist Bradley Hunt and his son David, of the Heiltsuk Tribal Nation.

Unity / Turtle

The woman in the centre is Unity. She is the one holding all the aspects of who we are and what our world is. Her face is a turtle. The Turtle in the middle is truly what our beautiful Sacred Land, Kanat’an, is a part of: Turtle Island and its people. You can see the head of the turtle as her neck. The turtle has thirteen sections in itself. They are shown here as the circle of her face/turtle shell, turtle head, four legs, the tail and the six features of her face.

Salmon – Food Sovereignty

Unity is holding two Salmon. They are the symbols of Food Sovereignty of the Original People. For more knowledge, please refer to our History within our Si Si Giuelth pages.

Frog – Land/Water Connection

The frog is the Admiralty that ties the land to the water. It spans both sides: connections to the land and connections to the water. Its front legs reach upward, reminding us of the rays of the Sun, that shines upon us and heals us.

Ground – Wealth

The ground is the brown copper vest. That middle artwork is the wealth of the people, wealth of the land. We give that copper, or receive it. If somebody does ill will to us, we break that copper – never to be put back together again.

Double-headed Eagle – Protection

The double-headed Eagle is a Tribal Spirit Animal of the Shishalh/Coast Salish Original People. The two wings are protection of the people, from coast to coast of Kanat’an.

Therefore, the logo is truly the face of the people and the nation we live in.

Our flag will have the same logo. The flag is a charter. Supremacy of the ocean, the charter is another term of an agreement of a trade. When you have a charter, you have the rules of the ruling vessel. In essence, our presentation is that flag and the laws of that flag, which shows what all of Kanat’an is made up of.

In Admiralty, that is the charter and it will be respected of the sovereign here. The military, the land rights, the environment, looking after the children – all those are all part of our charter. It supersedes the Corporation Canadian flag now. The Land of the People, with the flag, is a new entity of this world. Now it’s come to life. And that’s why we are proud of that – this is the new light that has started and it has been exposed. Now we have to bring it out into the world. And as soon as we can, we’ll have a ceremony to reflect that.

We asked artist Bradley for colours green, brown and blue: as long as the grass grows, and as long as the rivers flow, it will always remain Indian land. That’s what that charter is. The circle shape is the Cycle of Life.

The meaning of our flag

click or tap to enlarge

Composition Elements

  • Bradley Hunt Crest (see above)
  • 5 Coast Salish Totem Poles – which stand in their majestic power in Sechelt, on the beach, facing the ocean, on the Shishalh (Coast Salish) reserve land
  • 2 Musqueam Totem Poles in Tamme Jasse (Vancouver)
  • They are the Si Si Giuelth poles as stated by our Grandfather Maathlaatlaa
  • They are topped by the Thunderbird and the Double-Headed Eagle

This flag encompasses the stories of the Ancient Spirits of the Original Peoples of the Sacred Lands of Kanat’an who are here to guide and protect us all.

The seven totem poles are the Seven Generations of Ancient Spirits.

(Graphic Designer: Monique Dubord; Totem Photographs: Dayna Furst)

What will the new structure look like?

Our new self-governing communities will encompass the whole spectrum of the Si Si Giuelth, also known as the Cycle of Life, to restore Sovereignty in our:

How can the new way of living be implemented to benefit us?

The first step is awareness and acknowledgement that we have unknowingly given our consent to be governed and controlled NOT to our benefit. The benefit has always been for the Corporation of Canada. Therefore, we MUST give notice to THOSE who claim AUTHORITY over us, so that we may hereby remove and deny consent to be governed other than under the realm of the Divine Creator, our source and essence of Life.

We are Making History – 2021 in Review

Over the past year, the Peoples of the Salmon have been hard at work building our Sovereign de jure government. Popois, the Headsman, is a Warrior of Light, our speaker and writer of all our documents – the pen is his sword! As well we have Maathlaatlaa, the Grandfather of the Tribunal. His wisdom and patient teachings of traditions of the Original People have been invaluable to all of us.

  • Offer of a Peace Pipe Ceremony to:
    • Federal RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki
    • RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
  • First Law of the Land and Allodial Title Notice to:
    • BC MLA Adrian Dix, Vancouver, BC
  • Cease and Desist Loans and Demand the Transfer of $5 billion from the Indian Trust account to We the People to
    • Bank of Canada, Vancouver, BC
  • Open Letter to Doctors not wanting the injection and losing their licenses to join us on our new Board of Sovereign Doctors with Peoples of the Salmon – with several doctors joining to date.

We have served via registered mail and by hand:

  • Notices of Liability Against the Vaccine Bio Weapons to:
    • Fraser Health, Surrey, BC
    • Teck Acute Care Injection Centre at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver
  • Presentment – Conflict of Interest for Arrest and Imprisonment of Dr. Mel Bruchet, under the Mental Health Act to:
    • RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
    • All doctors, nurses and employees of Lions Gate Hospital
    • All RCMP Officers of North Vancouver
  • Cease and Desist Orders Against CoVID and Vaccine Mandates, and Writ of Mandamus to:
    • Justin Trudeau
    • Canadian Parliament
    • All Provincial Premiers
    • Bonnie Henry
    • Teresa Tam
    • Provost Marshal
In addition:
  • 12-12-2021 – An auspicious day for all Sovereign Women and Men of Kanat’a:

In our weekly public Peoples of the Salmon meeting, with 60 people present and 60 “yay”s to form our own de jure Grand Jury.

We will soon hold a hearing against Justin Trudeau, Bonnie Henry, and all who are guilty of crimes against humanity with this deadly “experimental injection”. The hearings will then proceed with their sentencing, arrests and imprisonment.

We have and continue to make History! It’s been a year of tremendous growth for us. Thank you to all our brothers and sisters who spoke out and acted to join together – to walk with us, Forward into the Future, in Justice, Peace and Love!

Alliances of Kanat’an

Peoples of the Salmon has formed alliances with the following nations and tribes:

  • Howard Jackson – Muskwa of the Pakan Tribe
  • Eugene Fox – Ma’Kaisto of the Black Feet Tribe
  • Chris Shade – Black Feet Tribe
  • Byron Bruisedhead – Matsokii’topi of the Black Feet Tribe
  • Sharon Ward – White Buffalo Clan Mother of the Eshcote payshish kee Tribe
  • Phil Green of the Eshcote payshish kee Tribe
  • Stephen Morningchild – of the Thunderbird Clan
  • Sydney – of the Thunderbird Clan
  • Asmin Nation – with Chief Wabiska Mukwa
  • Kinawkii Nation – with Tribunal Speaker Gordon Bear
  • Chief JD Anderson – Naa Naakila, Tribunal Council Member and Speaker

Please see instrument below, when most met in Tamme Jasse (Vancouver) on October 17, 2021.

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