Peoples of the Salmon Sunday Meetings

Every Sunday we hold our de Jure Governance, DJG public meetings, at a Longhouse in Vancouver. No matter what event or alliance meetings that are happening in remote locations, we always setup our online PotS Conferencing. Starts at 2 PM PST with a Prayer and Luncheon.


On the last Sunday of every month, those who have attended four meetings have the opportunity to request a “Walk Off the Ship of Commerce” Ceremony, another step toward becoming a PotS Member. Please refer to our How to Join page for more.

To be adopted into the Wolverine Tribe, or any local Tribe in your region, we suggest you request acknowledgement and organize a ceremony either as an individual or group to share the costs. This involves inviting witnesses and gifting them for positive exchange. Volunteer to help arrange an annual Wolverine adoption ceremony.

Please refer to Wolverines for more knowledge on what is next for you and your responsibility as part of Peoples of the Salmon to contribute to building our new communities. We welcome your talents, gifts and heart’s passions to join our family.

The Original Peoples/Coast Salish and Tribal Traditions are followed in our meetings. Not much is carried out in the “corporation” way. The instrument below will give you more knowledge on how meetings are carried out, the Tribal protocols and the peoples involved in leading the meetings.

The Original Peoples Speak – Glossary

As we prepare to make the transition (this is a journey different for each of us) and leave the corporate world behind, we are re-joining our Original Peoples who have been living with the Sacred Land of Kanat’an for hundreds of thousands of years.

We must be mindful of the words we speak.

Unbeknownst to most of us, we have been raised and programmed with a language that does not come from Natural Law, from our Creator, but from the corporate world that has enslaved us for hundreds of years.

For more knowledge on this, please refer to our FAQ page.

You will hear words in our meetings that you have not heard before. They are the words of our Original Peoples Ancestors, they come from their speak. You will hear Headsman Popois speak Shishahl (Coast Salish) speak. And you will hear our Grandfather Maathlaatlaa speak in prayer in his Taatawsuums Baaqvaanum (People of the Rock) speak.

Currently, we are writing an instrument that will explain all these words to you. For now, here are some words we all should know:

Sovereign (noun)The Supreme, Absolute and Omniscient power, by which an independent individual or state is governed; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference, based on International Law, which truly comes from Natural Law, the highest law on Earth.

Sovran (adjective) descriptor of a man or woman of living flesh, blood and bone within the Path of the Creator.

De Jure – self-governing, as communities govern themselves, outside of the legal fiction.

De Facto – a government which actually exercises power or control but without legal title and against the will of the people.

Corporatocracy – an economic, political and judicial system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. The concept has been used in explanations of bank bailouts, multi-national corporations and governments throughout the world but primarily our own government, which is used by bankers and businesses to do their bidding.

Natural Law – All living women, men and children are born with inherent, inalienable rights and moral values that are under the Supremacy of our Creator.  Natural law is the highest law on Earth and is based on the idea that natural laws are universal concepts and are not based on any culture or customs. These concepts are also that within Natural Law; it is our responsibility to do no harm to another.

Common Law – England is the origin of the common law that exists in North America. The English common law originated in the early Middle Ages in the King’s Court (Curia Regis) and eventually led to the formulation of various viable principles through which it continues to operate, however, still commercially.

Tribe – We all matter, and we all have a voice that will be heard. Every Wolverine can express this. The Coast Salish way (Popois’ heritage) is to come forward every week at our PotS Sunday meetings and have an opportunity to be heard, at the longhouse or virtually in online meetings.

Potlatch – White man has taken this word and changed into “potluck”. The true meaning of this word is much grander than our Potluck traditional meaning. The original meaning comes from a very important ceremonial tradition, where the women cook and bring a feast to the tribe. When everyone is well fed, then the ceremonies begin! For more knowledge please watch this video:

Gigame/Smoyget – Headsman

Hemas – Headsman

Daawiint – Name

Ha’aSaa – Healers

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