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April 9, 2023

1-2:00 PM PST Sound Check & Sovran Tech Support

2:00 Sage is Lit and Spirit Plate is put on the table

(recording starts) Welcome, Introductions, Acknowledgements (online 15; onsite 11)
Prayer of Protection & Blessings to Open the Floor
Sharing & Gratitude Luncheon

(Walk off the Ship Ceremony is Last Sunday of each Month)

2:15 Meeting Agenda Led by Headsman

Location: Vancouver Longhouse

  1. Courts & Investigations
  2. Land Sovereignty, land credits
  3. Food Sovereignty
  4. Banking
  5. EVN Topic: “Are Canadians Sovereign?” and the C’esTui Que Vie Trust
  6. PotS Platform: purpose of website; member and shop services; Sovran Plans, Instruments and their uses, Shop Donations per Project to help support; Directory coming soon (projects/participants/businesses); website is products, services and information – not a law tool for advice or personal supports, etc. Its a 25 yr plan and SSG to guide you to create your own projects on the ground. Step up and become a project or event team leader.
  7. Council of 13
  8. New Directions? etc

Open the Floor for New Business, questions, sharing and kind remarks (proof of life)

4:30 Prayer and Closing of the Floor (recording stopped)

  • Watch Eagle Vision on Odysee “Are Canadians Sovereign?”
  • EVN April 7, 2023 at 6:30 PM PST. References in Hub: Resources.
  • Ulnulmch, The Awaats Team 🙂

gitsi woolka: do not worry
gitsi luchwula: do not fear

Congratulations Dec. 25, 2022 – 1 Year of de Jure Government Meetings

The People of the Salmon de Jure Assembly | Official Notification and Certification

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