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February 26, 2023

1:00 to 2:00 Sound Check & Member Supports

2:00PM PST Welcome (recording starts)
Prayer of Protection & Blessings to Open the Floor
Luncheon 10 minutes (recording paused)

Walk off the Ship Ceremony

2:00 – 2:15 Meeting Agenda (recording)

Wolverines have a chief for Manitoba

  1. Directions, now and into the future 2 Sovereignty of the lands
    • Manitoba: filed Thursday Feb 23
    • Second Notice: to Alberta/Saskatchewan
      3 Sovereignty of the person
  2. Sovereignty of the world 5 Currency. Wallet trust, mobility
    • Banking and a currency now concidered
      6 land credits and water quality for manitoba
      7 banking entity still looking for ledger to ledger bank
  3. resources a mine site has been offered our peoples 9 groups and influences
    • OP T was signed
    • And if John Cipoola keeps his word..
    • We have a multitude of international nations join us.

Note: Check WAM (Winnipeg Alternative Media) website for videos from camp hope.

4:30 Close of the Floor

– Popois

gitsi woolka: do not worry
gitsi luchwula: do not fear

Meeting Minutes

Opening Grace by eskotey

First order of today’s meeting ; 4 walk off the ship into Freedom through our Sovran Ceremony





popois speaks of the;

.gatherings at Camp Hope in Muddy Waters, there he gave a brief introduction about ‘Peoples of the Salmon’ and the diligent works, from the Tribunal, and the Peoples, and all the successes he has had in his journey of Truth throughout the years. It was received with great excitement and many questions from those whom lined up for answers and information.

.gatherings at the Thunderbird House

.gatherings at Broken Head with many Tribes and Clan Mothers

.there was a Pipe Ceremony lead by oommbagmistoo – giigagit

.there were water Ceremony’s by bev jones

.teaching by jd and she ignites the fire,  during our sharing circles, zooms from the east tribes

.in all places, we all shared our souls and saw Healing, Love and Light that brought sacred bonds and oneness with all whom were there.

.there were so many amazing things that went on in all those locations, we felt the Love and the Unity.

.Shared was one story of the day schools and all the tribulations of our elder holy flying hawk, he has been speaking out to public of all the traumas and successes  of his life and sharing how we must all walk in calm and love to heal.

.Mentions of the roadway blocks from those who travelled from the east and how through patience and perseverance Creator made a path for them to follow.

. from clan mother oommbagmistoo giigagit we got the go ahead to form and facilitate the council of 13 from all across kanatan from the west coast to the east coast and place once again our original Indian crown kings family,  gunny gunny upon the empire, taking back the Authority of Turtle Island, which has risen out of the ashes back on these lands even though we have never left.

.Chaqueton Indians win, noted lands always have been  in our hands, set a precedent for all of Kanatan.


 speaks of affirmations and gives Grace for all the works our Headman has successfully established for us the people and the next 7 generations, as well as Honorable speak to oommbagmistoo-giigagit

.what an honour it was to be a part of all these amazing events that have changed the future in a good way,for all our peoples, as well as all clans, of all the colours.


charter UCC contract is unbreakable with the seals, not bonded.

. all our groups must join as one.

.we are the first Law of the Land

.we are the first body of Law, Speak of the works and guidance of Meredith Qinn, and our future meetings with Lester house.

.we are the wealth of Kanatan and the Corps of Canada is Bankrupt

.we are getting our own Banks

.72digits are owed to us from the Corps CANADA

.we will not be taxed, we will have no more poverty, hunger, or homelessness, and this time is now by our unity and initiation of our freedoms

. we have the flag of Unity and the country’s with their flags in Alliance with ours.

.joint tendency, banking, ID , mobility.

.many forms and documents were made, signed sealed and delivered.

Heather asks about the transference from one ship to the other and our luggage, and what that looks like.

,she also announced the births of all the new white buffalo’s

.we must break off all chattels

,more speak on counsels and what that looks like

.trevor one-feather and rabbit speak of our brothers and sisters in Alberta and the work that they have seen in different ways , but all moving information of freedom and new life.

.super-jen asks about information of our trusts and what that looks like.

.we got the opportunity to help our brother eagle eye in his court hearing , bringing to light the use of our sacred tobacco on our lands and the crowns ignorance thereof

.the meeting at the round table with Phil Green one of our 13 ,facilitated by eskotey , attended by oommbagmistoo giigagit and her partner, devron,eagle eye,and popois.

.notice of PRESENTMENT and OPPORTUNITY to CURE was sent to the Manitoba Gov on our lands of Maninto-wahpaow = the narrows of the Great Spirit

.from the west coast to the centre of Kanatan the defacto Government has been served notice; the lease is up and the over 40 years of rent is due, the east is in processes of the same servings


share about the clean up project of all rivers and lakes in Kanatan, briefing on the carbon releases and blooms of algae, and how the gasses are being releases by the roots of the trees that have been dozed down and left in the waters.


words of wisdom

.shares Water is Life for all, as well as the Earth herself , even the ozone needs the water in order to self sustain our air and water supply

.inside and out out women are the water carriers

. spiritual waters, passing throughout our bodies

. we all are the cycles of life and rebirth

.we must always seek Creators guidance

ovi and glen

.Banking land sight

.making a new system for all counties 1st world ,2nd world and 3rd world 

.eskotey new business

.sharing briefly on the 3 new projects in the works, teams and initiation of the projects sent by maskwa and noella,  helping with team members and starter information for the prosperity projects


.travel packages and the papers within

.audit and trust for our prosperity

.oommbagmistoo-giigagit answered the questions about the 7th fire

.The next 7 fires started by the 8th is to come for our next generations

the Birch Bark scroll’s from 403AD that once were hidden are now being revealed.

.the time of the rainbow warriors is here.

When the fire from the sky is here, all Nation’s shall rise up as one and a new era of mankind will rise out from the ashes and peace again will rule on earth.

.the time to light the fire will be soon ‘she ignites the fire ‘ will be doing the lighting.

.all clans are making the peace agreements for the next generations we fight for their freedoms

.Closing Grace by Clan Mother oommbagmistoo-giigagit

Congratulations Dec. 25, 2022 – 1 Year of de Jure Government Meetings

The People of the Salmon de Jure Assembly | Official Notification and Certification

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