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February 5, 2023

1:00 to 2:00 Sound Check & Member Supports

2:00PM PST Welcome (recording starts)
Prayer of Protection & Blessings to Open the Floor
Luncheon 10 minutes (recording paused)

2:00 – 2:15 Meeting Agenda (recording)

  1. Banking  in Kanat’an directions  now and into the future. wallets, taxes, health care, land, education
  2. Sovereignty of the person (read word doc attached)
  3. Sovereignty of the Flag
  4. Sovereignty of the World Trade Partners
  5. Currency. Wallet trust, mobility
  6. Land credits; 12000 acre forested in the Chilcotin
  7. Banking entity; local credit union
  8. Resources; value to our people
  9. Groups and influences; Private members
  10. New Business: See video below; Alliances Deni, Pakan, Blackfeet. Postal registry on the 15th matures

Articles.[ a specification of distinct matters agreed upon or established by authority or requiring judicial action.]
“deep change was never brought about by those in positions of power. It occurs when people act together in insurgent movements. And insurgent movements are not a function of hard times, but of insurgent cultures. Difficult times crush people. Insurgent cultures provide real hope and make possible those processes of organizing, recruiting, educating and politicizing that create and sustain change”
Covenant Flag [This was sent with the peace pipe turned around]
Except for Value and returned it, [changed direction of Peace pipe accidental]

4:30 Close of the Floor

– Popois

gitsi woolka: do not worry
gitsi luchwula: do not fear

grand jury question

Congratulations Dec. 25, 2022 – 1 Year of de Jure Government Meetings

The People of the Salmon de Jure Assembly | Official Notification and Certification

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