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January 8, 2023 Agenda
Prayer and luncheon

1. Banking: lavapay.com

  • opportunity to accept transfers
  • deposit and set up coding

2. Peoples Federation has signed a treaty between the nations

  • opportunity to discuss sovereign matters with Kristy Anderson
  • redirecting/reversionary the Birth Certificate, similar to unincorporated here in Canada

3. Red seal of Postal cancellations is the UPU bank

4. The 8th fire ceremony in Winnipeg is on.

  • JD Anderson has a document to deliver to us, stated our documents are filed.

5. Budget for the marshals to develop with the team,

6. budget for travel of the banking team

7. budget for web, ID cards, passports, wallets, License plates and insurance

8. Committee making

9. Sovereign work shops, in person or virtual?

New Business
Close of the Floor
– Popois

gitsi woolka: do not worry
gitsi luchwula: do not fear

Congratulations on One Year Anniversary of de Jure Government Meetings

The People of the Salmon de Jure Assembly | Official Notification and Certification

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