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🦅Peoples of the Salmon 53 de Jure Government🦅


January 3, 2022 Agenda

Prayer and Luncheon

  1. The year and expectations
  2. February Convoy: delayed?
    • Facts surrounding the 8th Fire
    • Duty of the leaders
  3. The people and alliances
    Council of 13: to handle the courts as we transition from colonial laws. The Supreme law will be the first law of the land as Sovereign tribal law.
  4. Marshals: to enforce the law, e.g. as we move to Winnipeg they will enforce the first law of the lands; Protection of clan mothers; Eighth ceremonial fire. Marshals stand above the RCMP AND local police forces.
  5. Finances & Banking Our banking is to handle finances and currency. To have a deposit made into an account to help set up and facilitate organization of our bank. On ramp.. sand box and off ramp.. wallet and making of our digital asset backed currency.
    • Budget for marshal training
    • Budget for setup of a new central bank
    • Budget for PotS Platform web operations
    • Fundraising: There are donations setup in the Shop by project that people can use to begin directing funds. We will have a fundraising tool setup soon to track funds per project.

New Business

Close of the Floor

– Popois

gitsi woolka: do not worry
gitsi luchwula: do not fear

Congratulations on One Year Anniversary of de Jure Government Meetings

The People of the Salmon de Jure Assembly | Official Notification and Certification

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