$50,000 Hague Campaign

We are launched! Please help our campaign to raise $50,000 to send Tribunal members to travel up to 15 days through Zurich, Bern and the Hague Switzerland to file our Recognition Documents … regarding Genocide and so much more. Donate Today!

First Law of the Land & Tribunal    |  Council of 25 |  Alliance of Kanat’an   |   RN 591 243 241 CA

Peoples of the Salmon will be filing our Official Unity Flag of Peace, Trade and Good Governance Postal Registry RN 591 243 241 CA.

Please help us raise the funds as soon as possible. Ulnulmch

Watch de Jure Governance regarding our campaign on Odysee “Eagle Vision“.

We are the First Law of the Land…

Popois, Headsman of Peoples of the Salmon speaks at Freedom World Rally Vancouver.

Telegram channel: https://t.me/PeoplesOfTheSalmon

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