Are you ready to realize your God-given Sovereign Power, Rights and Freedoms, to restore Heaven on Earth in collaborative, harmonious communities? What we are conscious of manifests as our experience. Together we will create what we envision. Come walk with us

maple leaves against the sky
maple leaves against the sky
maple leaves against the sky
maple leaves against the sky
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Give lawful notice to the Governor General of non-consent to be governed by the corporation Canada/CANADA.


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Community Building

Si Si Giuelth

Poles inside a big house, or any house

The Si Si Giuelth diagram lays out the community areas of responsibilities that will be fulfilled by the Peoples of the Salmon for the benefit of all. No one left behind, forgotten or denied.

Click or tap on the Si Si Giuelth for details.

Si Si Giuelth - poles inside a big house

Recent News

  • 63 DJG Gov’t

    63 DJG Gov’t

    First Law of the Land & Tribunal  | Council of 13 | Alliances of Kanat’an | RN 591 243 241 CA 🦅Peoples of the Salmon 63rd de Jure Governance🦅 TGM Odysee TGM PodCast Transcript Chat Minutes March 12, 2023 1-2 Sound… Continue reading ⇒

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